Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I just want to apologize to all my followers for not posting more tutorials and updates. My main excuse is that I don't know what YOU want and what you are looking for. So please, if you have any suggestions or questions or want me to post a tutorial for something you want to know how to do. Please send me an email or comment here!

Remember this is for you!


Matty said...

How do I make a "button" for my blog? Most everyone has a button that identifies their blog, and they usually have the code below it so that others can copy it and display it on their own blog. I notice that the button usually has an image that goes with their header. So how do I make a button and the code to go with it?

Mama Nut said...

Hey Matty!

I actually wrote a post for that! Here is the link:


I hope this helps,


Cat said...

How about an Easy way to change our boring blogger fonts to something we Love.. I've tried a few tuts that didn't work for me..

Thanks so much for your hard work on these tutorials.. So sweet of you to share.. ( they always work for me ) wink!!!

Shari said...

I just found your site today and am really excited about finally getting my blog to look the way I'd like it to.
Yours, is the best site that I have found (and I have searched A LOT). Thanks so much, I'm sure I'll have a question for you soon enough.

Thanks again!

Shari said...

so far so good, thanks again. I was wondering if you know how to create a header that's a slideshow/ flash? Another idea for a post is how to create and include a favicon. I figured this out through tutorials, but thought it would be a great thing to include on your site.
Thanks again.

Shari said...

how do you change the "posted by" text to something else?

Mommy Kennedy said...

Hi! Thank you so much for the information about how to create a button! I just did it!

To celebrate, I am hosting a $10 Starbucks GC giveaway! I also linked back to you in my post! Come see!


Camryn said...

Hey you!

How do you make a header like yours, like it has been stamped on your page?

And how do you create your own background paper? Not design the page, but rather, create the paper to make a background. Does that make sense?

Thanks for your tutorials! They are so informative!

Anonymous said...

I came across this blog today
And I was wondering how to get the columns like that?

phamilybusiness@aim.com said...

I believe there is hope for the helpless! Thank you for sharing.

~ Upallnite ~ said...

I'm going to add my request :
at the end of your post...you have "you might also like...." with 3 post previews".. how do you get that? I want to add that to the bottom of my posts.

~ Upallnite ~ said...

oh, I found the answer to my request....feel free to post the link...


deerie65775 said...

I am still a newbie at this blog thing, but I know what I want to do on my blog..just not sure how to do it.
I have a few themes (kitchen, sewing room, garden, ..) on my blog and want my home page to have links to these different entries..
Are these the buttons I see on your tutorial?
Does this make any sense at all??

Anyway, if you could just point me in the right direction or let me know if this is not do-able on my blog! Thanks!! Fawn (deerie)

Mama Nut said...

Deerie -- You can do links by doing the buttons on the top, I have a tutorial on here for just that. Blogspot also has a new feature called "Pages" and you can do something with that too. It's under "Posting" and then "Edit Pages" -- where you can add pages there with information that you want. Hope that helps.

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