Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tutorial: How to Capture Screen Shots

You may notice in all my posts that I have screen shots of the steps I take. Many may wonder how I do that! I can see myself a few years ago with my camera actually taking "screen shots" and loading them on from my camera. Lol. Times have changed thank goodness, and I discovered Gadwin PrintScreen.

Gadwin PrintScreen is a FREE download that allows you take any screen shot you want. Just download the program, and when you execute it, a little note will pop up in the lower right that just need to hit the "prt Srn" button when you want to capture an image. Then you will select the section you want with the mouse and then double click the selected area.

Next a little box will show up with the image you captured and just click continue.

Where did it go?

You just "copied" it and it is on your "Clip Board". Open up a photo manipulation program or even Paint. And paste it and save it. Easy as pie!

Note: Just make sure you are careful not to capture copyrighted material... you know the rules :)


Kathie @ my net finds said...

thank you for posting this!!! I had this capability at my job and it's been driving me nuts not having it anymore :-)

Evening Nigh said...

I was lucky enough to stumble into this a few days ago by clicking the 'next blog' button. I will be trying out a few design elements at Evening Nigh Reflections. I knew how to upload audio and text link to it, but now I may try out a bit more that's visual.

Our Family said...

Hey, Cat! You can also capture a screen shot without downloading anything. Just press the "Ctrl" and "Prt Scr" buttons at the same time. Nothing will automatically pop up (it was copied to clipboard). Then, like you said, go to any photo editing program and paste it in. Then you can crop out the part you want.

It's basically the same idea only in a different order.

Our Family said...

Actually, I just found out you don't even have to push "Ctrl." Just hit Prt Scr and it will copy it just fine.

Mama Nut said...

You are totally right! This used to not work on my old computer and I got used to using Gadwin. Gadwin is a great program to capture smaller images if you are using paint especially. Sometimes the images can be too big to navigate in Paint, if you know what I mean. Thanks for the Tip!

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