Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tutorial: How to Center my Buttons and Other Stuff

Has it ever driven you crazy that all the pictures and buttons you put in your side bars aren't centered! It drove me nuts! I couldn't figure out how other bloggers were doing it!

Here is the little trick I actually learned on my own.

1. Make sure that whatever you are putting in your sidebars has an HTML code. You can do this with your pictures by uploading them to Photobucket to get an HTML code for them. As for the buttons, they will already have one.

2. When you copy the code, and paste it in an HTML/Java Script gadget, it will look something like this:

If you posted it just like this, it would look like this:

But you want it centered right?

3. So you will simply type this in before the code:

4. At the end of the code type this:

So now it will look like this:

And it will look like this on your site:

You can do this in your posts, in your sidebars, the code is easy and it can work with anything that has a code. Enjoy!

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