Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tutorial: How to Add Borders Around your Words

These are pretty easy once you know the trick to the codes. Check it out!

How would you like to put a border around your words like this?

Add some code like this:


Or maybe you are more of a dot person?

Here's the code for that:


Have you thought about dashes?

Here you go:

Now let's get a little fancy!

Got to like this outset border!

The Code:


This is an inset border!

The code:


Or maybe you like your borders groovy!

The code:

Now, these codes aren't set in stone. You can change the color of the borders, you can change the size and even the thickness if you like. Go ahead and play around with the numbers and see what you come up with!

Here is a color chart from that you can use to replace the color names for the ones you want:I found out how to do all this on For more types of borders not mentioned here, you can check out the site here! I didn't teach myself how to do this you know, and I wouldn't feel right taking all the credit. The point of this blog is to share whatever I find with you, and compile all the tutorials I love in one place. I hope this helps! Have fun!

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