Saturday, August 1, 2009

So You Want to Start a Blog??

This is for all my friends out there, who would love to start a blog, but feel too intimidated to try.

First off, when starting a blog, it is only as public as you make it. You can make it private with only a few visitors, or if you have something to share with the world, you can promote it as well.

When people want to start off, I suggest going through Blogger. They seem to be the most user friendly -- maybe that is why I like Blogger! When I started my personal blog two years ago, I was totally intimidated to even try, and I was really afraid of perverts finding my site. So I made it private and invited a few friends and family to read it. It wasn't until recently that I branched out and went public with 4 Nuts in a Nutshell.

Okay, so here is how you do it. Keep in mind that it is FREE by the way. You don't have to pay a cent.

1. Go to

2. See that big orange button that says, "Create a Blog"? Click it.

3. Next it will have you create an account. Just fill in the blanks.

4. Then you will get a screen telling you to name your blog. Now you can name it whatever you want! And you can always change it. But the url (http://) you can't change and it can't be the same as someone else's. So go ahead and experiment with different addresses until you get one that is available.

5. Next you get to pick a Template. This is the layout of your blog. Now, if you are planning to get creative yourself and put on your own backgrounds, I would suggest sticking to Minima (the simplest white one) because it is the easiest to tweek.

6. Congrats! You now have your own blog! Go a head and start blogging! At this point you will find yourself on the "create a post" page. You can start posting, or you can click on all the fun tabs and see what they do. Don't be scared. You really can't mess anything up... trust me, I have tried.

You can always view your blog by clicking on the "view blog link".

This should get you started. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at: nutsinanutshell(at)gmail(dot)com (I write it this way to prevent spamers).

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