Monday, August 3, 2009

How to Comment

I know this is basic stuff. But I can't tell you how many time people email me saying they don't know how to leave comments on blogs. I don't really blame them. It took me a while to figure out that commenting was even an option.

Here is a picture of a typical post:Okay, see on the bottom where it says "0 Comments"? Click on that to leave a comment of your own. (Warning: some bloggers like to get creative and change the word "comment" to things like "thoughts" or "quips" or "nice things people say". And sometimes, the comment link is on the top of the post. So be sure to look around. But generally, it is on the bottom.

After you click on this 1 of 2 things will happen. 1. A pop up will come up with the comments people left and a space for you to leave yours. or 2. the whole screen will change and you will see others comments and a box for your own. It all depends on the blogs settings.

But for the most part it will look like this:However, again, it will vary depending on the blogger's settings.

Now, if you have a google account (it doesn't have to be gmail, most people have one if they have a blog at blogger.) you can comment with that account name. See where it says "Choose an Identity"? See, I have "Mama Nut" checked off as mine. I can also have the option of checking the box underneth to have any follow up comments emailed to me. Now for all you beginners most of the rest of this stuff, you won't have to worry about. But see where it says "Annonymous"? If you don't have an account this is an option many blogs have. However, if you don't see it, then the blog doesn't allow it, and you will have to either get a google account or skip on the comment.

Some blogs make you do a word verification. Mine does. This keeps spammers from leaving comments. Other blogs like to read your comments before they will post them -- so don't worry if your comment doesn't show right up, it usually means it has to be approved.

If you would like to have a google account without getting a blog or new email. You can click
on "No Google Account? Sign up here. " It will show up on your comment form. It's easy and they don't ask for super personal info. And you can change your setting however you want to.

That's about it! If I left anything out, let me know!

Note: Bloggers LOVE comments. It totally makes their day.

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