Thursday, August 13, 2009

FYI: How to Take the "blogspot" out of your Address

There will be times, where I will just refer you to another site for their tutorial. Not because I am too lazy to do it myself, but because I most likely have no experience in the matter and would rather pass on the responsibilities to someone else.

However, I do want to put the information on this site, just for you. To help you out so you don't get lost in a search engine. This is a blog of gathering and sharing information, where it comes from isn't important. What is important is that you can find whatever you need here in one place.

In answer to a question I received on how to make your own custom domain (take the ".blogspot" out of your site address) I found this tutorial on The Cutest Blog on the Block to help you out.

Click here

If you are still a little confused what this means, look at this address:

If I got my own custom domain, my address would be this:

See the difference? I hope this helps all of you out there that are interested in doing this. However, know that it costs a monthly fee of around $10 to do it.

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