Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Welcome to Cat Spills the Beans!

Hi, my name is Cat. I originally blog on 4 Nuts in a Nutshell, but after getting email after email from my readers asking for blog design tips, I decided to start this little blog to help them out.

Now, I have no schooling in design. I've taken no classes in HTML or Java Script. I started out knowing nothing! So most of this stuff, I have learned on my own from trial and error, or finding bits and pieces on other blogs. One thing I hate is, that I can't find everything I need on one website -- so for you, my faithful "Nuts" readers, I am going to compile all that I have learned and share it with you.

Now, when I was starting out, I would find something on a blog I liked, and would email the owner and ask how they did it. Out of all the many emails I sent, not one emailed me back. Is blog design some kind of secret? Maybe. I know there are many out there who make money doing it. But isn't a little tip here and there okay? Obviously it isn't. So here I am, "Spilling the Beans" on some of the secrets of blog design.

If you ever have any questions, or would like me to do a particular tutorial, just send me an email at nutsinanutshell(at)gmail(dot)com.

Hope you enjoy this!



Tammy said...

Cat...Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am just starting a blog and have been playing around with with templates, etc. I am brand new to blogging and have been searching the web for weeks. I happened on your site today and I am thrilled. You are exactly what I needed. I love your simplicity and topics. I am so excited to read through everything on here. I am learning so much! I will be adding your button to my blog so that others can use your valuable information. One question I have is how to link your menu to your posts. I am having a hard time figuring out URL's and where to find them...any suggestions? Thanks again Cat...I became a follower already!

Mama Nut said...

Yay, I am glad I have been able to help, makes keeping this blog worth it to get comments like yours!

About your question, every post that you make is assigned it's own URL. If you click on the title of the post the URL for it will appear in the address box at the top of your browser. When I am linking my menu pictures or words to URLs, I just highlight whatever I want to link, click the link button, that looks like an infinity sign, and paste or type the desired URL in the box. So for this post, I just clicked on the post title, and copied and pasted the URL from the address line into the hyperlink option in my gadgets, after I highlighted the picture I wanted it linked to... I don't know if that makes sense. I should write a post about it with pictures :)

Tammy said...

I think that would be very helpful to us newbies to have a tutorial with that information. My neighbor blogs so called on her yesterday afternoon. She showed me exactly what you said...invaluable info for someone new like me. I showed her your website and I am sure she is a follower already! She loved it! Thanks so much for your fast response. What do they say, when you are happy about something you tell 10 people...(I am sure I will pass that number by way more than that). Thanks again Cat!

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